Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cool new review of the EFT album we released on OutNow Recordings, featuring Ido Bukelman, Ofer Bymel & Daniel Davidovsky on KFJC!

Fierce guitar-fueled improvisation from Tel Aviv
but where Ido Bukelman drops off and Daniel Davidovsky
steps in on electronics is blurred beautifully.
Often I bolted my ears to Ofer Bymel’s drums, and
then just enjoyed the ride through shrill hills of
feedback and lightning sprawls of sound. On the
closing track, Bukelman lays down the electric guitar
to jangle mangle on acoustic for a bit, drifting
into a softer phase of harmonics versus miniature
dissonants. The guitar ramps up with a spanish
frenzy, Bymel spinning bicycle gears into the
mix, and Davidovsky casting a subtle wailing pall
over the piece. That and “Teething” were the two
more mellow pieces, the latter a great showcase
of Davidovsky’s mastery over chaos. “Soul Cramp”
is a nice rise and fall in dynamics. “Step Your
Mind” prolongs the tense excitement of a horse
ready to burst out of the blocks, a dominant
humming drone holding back the sonic onslaught.
This is the KFJC debut for Bukelman and Out Now
Recordings, with plenty more to come!??

-Thurston Hunger

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